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March 2020 was the beginning of my quarantine season.  Like an Autobot, my dining room transformed into my office, college classroom, tutoring lab, faculty meeting area and a staff conference room.  To my surprise, it was a smooth transition!  Most of my students showed up regularly for their Zoom courses on time.  Faculty did not mind learning how to use Zoom, Microsoft Teams and other online platforms. I mastered how to manage my work schedule while at the same time stay updated on the ever-changing COVID-19 restrictions.  Everything was going great until 2021.

If I could give a name to the 2021 quarantine season, I would call it, “The Fight Club”.  I struggled emotionally where every night became a battlefield for my thoughts.  I was overwhelmed with extreme and unexpected feelings of loneliness.  It was like a cloud of dread and darkness lingered over me in the quietness and stillness of the night.  Some nights I could not sleep.  Other nights I cried myself to sleep.  A few nights I prayed myself to sleep. I felt like I was in a boxing ring fighting for everything I had become: a woman of God, an educational leader, and someone that wants to make a difference in the world.  It felt like something was trying to destroy me and my future.


But one late night in February, everything changed. I felt an inspiration to write.  I thought to myself, “What should I write? A poem? A short story?”  Then, it dawned on me to write about the hidden heroes I have been capturing in the I AM Educational Series.  So, I pulled my cell phone off the charger, opened the notes app and started typing. 

A few weeks after that late night writing session in February, I finished my first children’s book which will be released August 2021.  I hate that I struggled so much mentally! But I thank my God who gave me the strength to endure it and allowed something beautiful to manifest THROUGH IT. 

Are you going through a hard time right now?  Are you struggling emotionally? Do you feel like you are in a season of loneliness or depression?  Have you been battling for your mental health recently?  I know what that’s like!  I also know there is a God who, if you let Him, will help you through it.  His power is so profound that He can bring something beautiful out of your tears, pain and out of your struggle.  His name is Jesus Christ.  Open your heart to Him today.  He is waiting with open arms for you!



Join Elena, a spunky and curious little girl, on a journey of discovery of hidden figures in Black History such as Katherine Johnson, Mary Jackson and Doughty Vaughn and many more! 





Nashey Alston, Parent


“I absolutely love everything about the book!"

Angela Lundy, Parent 


“I love the way Dr. Brown allows the reader to see themselves in men and women who made and continue to make great contributions to our society. The story gives young brown and black boys and girls relatability and confidence in knowing that

they too can be history makers!  

Anita Brown

“I enjoyed reading this book to my 2nd grader! 

Carolyn L. Walker


I felt like I needed to step up and make a difference. I’ve been trained to solve problems. Why not this one? I saw the idea as a way to recognize people who are pretty consistently unknown…virtually absent from the history books…and I thought the most effective way to recognize them was to start with the children.

Dr. Stephanie Brown was interviewed on 8/2021 by Mary English of the Times Herald Newspaper concerning her book "She Looks Like Me".

She Looks Like Me!
The Activity Book

Release Date: MLK Day 2022! 

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