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My Mission

To provide educational resources that uncover hidden figures in Black History, Women’s History and to highlight the contributions men and women of color have made in America.

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What does I AM stand for?

God reveals Himself to his people in many ways and in many names. One of them is," I Am”. (Exodus 3:14) The name, "I Am" gives honor to God.

In English, "I am" is first person singular. It describes a person as significant to something. The hidden figures in Black History and Women’s History are uniquely and profoundly significant. Saying their name using, “I am” esteems and celebrates them.

Hidden Heroes

Hidden Heroes and the Youth Who Led Us tells the story of how a group of courageous students brought people together during the Civil Rights Movement. From young heroes such as Diane Nash and the Freedom Riders to Ruby Bridges and the Little Rock Nine, the book teaches readers about how to peacefully resist bullying and how to make schools safe for everyone.

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She Looks Like Me!

Released in August 2021, This is story of discovery of hidden figures in Black History! The main character is an African American girl named Elena. Elena notices that the characters in the books her teacher read do not have people in them that look like her.  Elena goes on into the library and finds something amazing! 

She Looks Like Me!
Activity Book

The Activity Books reinforce the story of She Looks Like Me while enhancing children's fine motor skills through coloring, tracing, matching, and word searches. 

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